ITMA2023 | Chemical fiber equipments appear at the 19th International Textile Machinery Exhibition (Handan)


      Handan Hongda Chemical Fibre Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Handan Hongda"), a subsidiary of Hi-Tech Heavy Industry CO., Ltd., exhibited its backbone products on ITMA 2023 held in Milan, Italy. The products displayed covered a wide ra a subsidiary of Hi-Tech Heavy Industry CO., Ltd. nge from special fiber production line equipment, viscose spinning relevant machines, hollow membrane fiber equipment to polyester high-capacity crimper, cutter and Full-automatic baler.


    Since its start, ITMA 2023 has attracted thousands of merchants and enterprises all over the world. During this international expo, Handan Hongda team have received dozens of guests from many countries, such as Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Iraq, India, and Pakistan, and introduced their the latest chemical fiber equipment to the visitors. After detailed communications and discussions, initial cooperation intentions were reached between Handan Hongda and customers from Italy and Iraq on the supply of high-capacity crimper, full-automatic baler and other machines for polyester fiber production.      

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