• Roller made of stainless steel 904L, diameter is 600mm, length is 600mm,

       individual drive for each roller by gear motor, 18.5kw,

       each frequency drive controlled. Shaft in 3Cr13, face plate in 2mm thick SS904L.

  •  Water collecting trough:

       made of 3mm SS904L, the width will be increased by 300mm based on original design, to 1000mm.

       One trough will be common for two roller devices on each side.

  • Wallboard

       Material in SS 904L, sprinkling pipe's material in SS 904L

  • Window / front cover

       Material SS904L and polycarbonate sheet, can be opened automatically, the space between roller end and window is 300mm

  • Exhausting cover, in SS 316L
  • Sealing at back side of roller in FRP, ZZTM will increase sealing and collar of roller to maximum.
  • Press roller, on the 10th roller with pneumatic cylinder and guides to be provided before 1st roller and after last roller.




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